About us

Vinnis Ltd was established in Cēsis in 1997 when a team of three people started their business. Currently, it is the leading company of honey packaging in the Baltic states.

The main directions of operation

  • Purchase of honey from beekeepers
  • Honey packaging and distribution
  • Sales of beekeepers equipment and bee food
  • Production of honey delicacies
  • Production of honeycombs
  • Honey cosmetics


Vinnis Ltd highly appreciates the long-term loyalty of their cooperation partners and customers, therefore, it is very important for us to learn about opinions and desires of consumers, later trying to fulfil them. The company has successful and extensive experience of manufacturing products under private brands.

Business activities

Our production is distributed in the local market and also exported to many countries all around the world. The company also participates in international food exhibitions on regular basis.

Our motto

Vinnis - Delicacies For Your Health!
In the production process the company uses only natural ingredients. The quality control is performed by an internationally accredited laboratory in Germany - Applica. Vinnis Ltd works in compliance with the quality standard ISO 22000.